Fans living the dream at fantasy camps

Rockies Fantasy Camp is taking place this week in Scottsdale. (Rockies Photo Blog photo)

Rockies Photo Blog shared a gallery of great images from Day 1 of Rockies Fantasy Camp:


Dan Altavilla joined Mariners Caravan and From the Corner of Edgar & Dave spoke with the Mariners reliever:

Catching up on the Caravan: Dan Altavilla

Rays Radio continues their depth chart series with the look at the team’s outfield situations in 2018:

Rays Depth Chart for 2018: Outfield

Want to know more about the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame class? Baseball with Matt put together some interesting factoids on this summer’s inductees:

Fun Facts About the 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Joe Posnanski writes about Chief Wahoo from the perspective of a fan who grew up with the symbol:


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